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3366167701_6ab63d4fe0_mI think I’ll just say, stay here! If you’re lucky enough to be in the area. It’s a beautiful and well-kept park, with campsites by a river, hiking and a veterans museum with indoor and outdoor exhibits (tanks, aircraft, etc.).

Another reason. Cordelia’s Restaurant at the Lake Blackshear Resort, which is within the park. And within walking distance of the campground. Which means that we had two beautiful evening and morning walks each day we were here. 🙂


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3363939261_2076bf0cb6We pull into the Office/Museum parking lot next to outdoor exhibits of real planes, tanks and artillery guns. Dick is pretty excited about wandering around, looking them over, but it’s raining when we check in.

We do the usual campground tour and pick a site close to the river. And there’s a sign that says, “No swimming. Beware of alligators.”

I look out of the windows regularly, but don’t see any. 😉

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