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3359450107_a034989e9e_mWe pay our $33 admission (if you go, print out your own tickets for $27 on their website), rent audio headsets for $8 (optional, but well worth it) and begin our tour of the “largest home in America”.

We start walking, our mouths fall open, our heads rotate to observe whatever it is our audio tour guide is describing at the moment. Sometimes we’re in sync with each other and some of our fellow tourists – sometimes it’s like a little wave of recognition building throughout the room. Various pairs and groups turn and nod to each other when they get to the same part of the tape. Dick and I start making faces to each other to express how we feel about a given tidbit of information. I start to wonder how these faces are being interpreted by people who are not at the same point in the tape…

The tour goes on forever. Floors and floors. Room after room. So much money spent. So many interesting innovations. We’re kind of giddy and enthralled – this place is amazing!

We have a delicious lunch in the stable restaurant. We tour the gardens (to be fair, the gardens aren’t in bloom in March). After a full day, we leave, not knowing what we think about the whole experience.

In a few hours, I feel like I’ve just been to a Big Hollywood Blockbuster Movie (I’m kind of imagining this, since I don’t see that many of those). Wow – that was really exciting, and impressive and must have cost a LOT of money!

Those movies don’t usually stay with me…

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