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Shiloh Battlefield

Shiloh Battlefield

We visit Shiloh National Military Park, while staying at nearby Pickwick Landing State Park.  I don’t want to blog about Civil War Sites anymore.  They’re too painful to contemplate, and I can’t do any of it justice.  There’s been enough written about each of them, eloquently, by historians and others.  I think I’ve written posts in years past, somewhere in the jumble of this blog, where the heartache was fresh and I felt like I was learning something new at each battlefield.  Now, it just feels so old and so sad.

So I’m happy to see a new story at the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center, a branch of the Shiloh National Military Park in Mississippi. Along with the wartime suffering and death endured here, an amazing community was born, the Corinth Contraband Camp.  When the Federal forces occupied Corinth after May of 1862, many enslaved African Americans (first called, incredibly, “contraband of war”)  fled plantations and farms and came to Corinth for protection behind Union lines.  Here, over 1000 African American children and adults  learned how to read!  They built homes, a church, school and hospital.   Freedmen started a progressive cooperative farm program and sold cotton and vegetables at a healthy profit. What started as a tent city grew into a thriving community.  It’s exciting to think about the new lives and identities that were started here.

One more happy note about the Shiloh battlefields. A few years back a pair of American Eagles, named Hiram and Julia after General Grant and his wife (I have to google it –  U.S. Grant’s first name was Hiram, but he evidently didn’t want to go to West Point with the initials H.U.G) started nesting in a tree in a very visible part of the park.  Since then, they’ve returned each year to raise a pair of young eaglets.  We saw the huge nest and lots of photographers.  I thank them for the posted pictures.

Dinner's on the way

Dinner’s on the way

Photographers at the Shiloh Battlefield Nest

Photographers at the Shiloh Battlefield Nest


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Harrah's at night, Tunica, Mississippi

This place looks like a bit of Disney on the outside and tastes like a little bit of heaven on the inside.   We are not buffet people.  But Paula Dean has opened a restaurant here, and it’s buffet, so we’re on.  We’re not disappointed – so many different and delicious regional dishes to sample.

Tunica River Park Museum

We visit the Tunica Park Riverside museum the next day. Great small museum in a beautiful setting overlooking the Mississippi.


We spend the next night in Vicksburg, at the Ameristar Casino and fill a prescription for Taylor in the morning at a pre-arranged vetinery practice.

And this is why the blog’s been behind.  No real adventures to report.




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