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Entrance Into Carlsbad Caverns

Both Dick and  I didn’t see how a cave we’ve been reading about since we were kids (good grief, make that 45-50 years ago!) could possibly live up to its reputation. Carlsbad Caverns is as great today as the iconic images we remember.  We choose to forego the elevators and follow “The Natural Entrance Route, for visitors with plenty of time and in good physical condition.”  It’s a mile- long walk that follows the traditional explorers’ route, descends over 750 feet into the earth (the equivalent of a 70 story building) and our jaws drop at every turn.  THE SIZE!!!  It’s almost impossible to take in- and even more impossible to photograph, even with my beloved iPhone 4s. The wonderful thing about this cavern is that people are encouraged to whisper – and we’re in darkness, only illuminated enough to be able to walk on steep slopes and view some of the outstanding sights.  So, it’s eery and surreal and absolutely breath-taking.  Ultimately we wind up at the Big Room, where the elevators bring most people.  It takes about an hour and a half to tour. My camera can’t capture it, but I’ll post some for the memories they’ll evoke. I’ve struggled to get some pictures into this format unsuccessfully, so will toss a few into the next post.

Entering Carlsbad Caverns

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