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A few people have pointed out to me that I rather abruptly quit blogging, while we still in Ohio, leaving you to wonder if we’d fallen off the face of the earth…

Sorry about that!  I have to admit, I didn’t really think there was anybody following us, aside from our family and friends.  So, when I thought we weren’t doing anything that interesting, I just quit.  Thank you readers, who cared what became of us!

To fill in the gap, we spent a wonderful night in lucky Site 13 in Lake Erie State Park, NY.  

Site 13, Lake Erie State Park

Site 13, Lake Erie State Park










Sunset at site 13, Lake Erie State Park

Sunset at site 13, Lake Erie State Park


This is our second visit to this park and this same site.  Sunsets are always beautiful.  





The next night we did another repeat stop – at the Turning Stone Casino in New York. Pretty fun to stay in a very nice campground, where we get 24 hour free shuttle to the casino.  For us, that meant going to a really great Brazilian steak house.  No gambling this time, although people who’ve been reading this blog know what happened on our last time here, on the anniversary of my Mom’s death.  She’s with us always and everywhere.  

From there, we high-tailed it home to the cottage in Maine.  I have some TMJ (jaw joint) problems, which we’re trying to resolve before we leave for a month or so on the boat. ( As long as I can get my mouth open enough for lobster, I’ll be happy.)

We think we’ll be launching on Wednesday, and leaving at the end of next week.  For about a month. Maybe for the last time. So, although I’ve never blogged on the boat, I might just try to chronicle this trip for our own memories, the harbor towns, the food, the whales …

The thing is, we’ve fallen in love with a little Navion 24 J motor home and can’t wait to get back on the road. Truly. It’s changing our lives.  So, after our stint on the boat, we’ll be going to the Navion Rally in Maine in September and then head up to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  (But, first we get to fly down to Florida to visit our son and daughter-in-law in Tallahassee and find RV places to stay there- so we can visit them often!)

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I think I must have have fallen behind here for a reason. June 7 is the 3rd year anniversary of my  Mom’s death.  I wrote about what happened that day and sent it by email to my family.  It seemed too personal to post here.  But now I get that I should post something and move on. So, that original email follows:

We decided to spend yesterday visiting a site we thought Mom might have enjoyed – The National Shrine of North American Martyrs.  We didn’t know much about it, other than it was some kind of shrine and museum on a beautiful hillside, overlooking the Mohawk River. Some statues, monuments, some natural beauty, with a good dose of Catholicism – we thought she’d approve.

After walking around for awhile, trying to figure out who exactly the North American martyrs were, we came up on a log cabin museum.  We started looking at some of the exhibits, when a really nice staff person came up to us and started going through this fascinating history of some Jesuit priests who had been tortured and killed here (so we discover the identity and significance of the North American Martyrs).  She was a really good historian/story-teller and had that kind of magical mix of intelligence and humor and profound faith, where they seem to go naturally together, and I was admiring that.  And thinking about how I pray a lot to have a deeper faith, and here, on the anniversary of Mom’s death, I’m listening to someone who is really inspiring. Telling us about amazing men of faith and courage.  I’ve pretty much given up on asking for signs, but I WAS thinking, how cool is this – thanks Mom!!!

And then I catch a glimpse of her name tag. It says “Beth Lynch”.  It kind of took my breath away, so I had to interrupt her to tell her that she had almost the same name of my mother, who was the reason we were there that day.  And she says, “My real name is Elizabeth.”  She had the kindest eyes and the most wonderful smile.

So, yesterday, Elizabeth Lynch gave me some lessons in church history and faith.  And held me in a big hug.  And reminded me, when I needed it,  that all of our loved ones are with us in the communion of saints.

Just so you don’t think we’re getting too pious here, we spent the NIGHT of Mom’s anniversary at a casino.  We’re staying in their RV campground and they have (big surprise) 24 hour shuttle service to the restaurants and huge casino complex. So we went and had a great dinner and then tried our hand at the slots.   And I must say that Mom was of absolutely no help there.

BUT – on the short trip home, with only us on the shuttle, I’m thinking about what an amazing day it’s been, when I realize the song that ‘s just come on the radio is,  “How Great Thou Art”. ( I’ve never heard that song on the radio before.)

So her day ended with her favorite song.

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