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Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum

We enjoyed our stay at Coushatta last year, so decided to pull in for a few days to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary with some swimming and lazing by the pool, and a steak dinner at their premiere restaurant.  Scratch that.  Torrential rain, restaurant closed on Mondays. We also decided to just send each other e-cards this year, which in retrospect, seemed a bit paltry.  But, we’re still happily married.  🙂

After a few days of waiting for the rain to stop – and a quick dip in the pool, we leave for new adventures in Texas.  I haven’t been there since I was a 9 year old kid, sitting way back in the tiny storage compartment of the family VW bug, reading,  because I thought the scenery was boring.  Though, I evidently read my way through the Rockies too, my Mom used to remind me.  I’m hoping to be more open to what  Texas has to offer this time around.  We head to Houston via Beaumont, so we can stop at the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum, near the site of the gigantic Lucas Gusher that ushered in the petroleum age. The resident energy expert onboard remembers being totally fascinated by this whole chapter in energy history when he was a kid.  It certainly introduced a crazy era.  With the discovery that oil could be gotten in this manner, Beaumont was transformed from a village of several hundred to a city of nearly 30,000 in a matter of weeks. Not all savory.  The museum recreates the town with about 15 clapboard building replicas from the oil-boom era, and there’s a life-sized, water-spewing gusher that obliged us by going off while we were eating lunch.

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Liberty Theatre, Eunice LA

We spend 5 nights towards the end of our trip at the Red Shoes Campground at Coushatta Casino.  It turns into a sit-by-the-pool vacation, we’re waiting out some severe weather that’s kicking up north of us.  And it gives us the opportunity to go to see a Saturday night performance – Rendez-Vous  Des Cajuns – at the Liberty Theatre in nearby Eunice.  I’ve had this on my triple star want-to-do list, and weather made it possible.

This picture isn’t of the band that was there  (April 16, 2011)  – I snagged it  from a generous Flickr sharer.We saw Hubert Maitre and the Triangle Aces, with a guest accordionist from Texas who was awesome.  And who had to compete with 10 year old Bubba Hebert, whose musical career  definitely bears watching.  We loved the whole experience, the classic theatre, the music, the people – including the mayor, Claud “Rusty” Moody , who came to visit with us, and introduced us to other interesting locals.  It was pretty much Norman Rockwell, southern style. Best music and most fun we’ve had, in Cajun territory.

Before the show, we’d visited the museum next door – a food demonstration was in progress. The sample of crawfish etouffee was so delicious, we search out the restaurant afterwards.  So we had dinner at Ronnie’s Cajun Cafe.  Delicious!

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