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We were planning on spending only one night here. There’s a museum in the park that I wanted to see, but didn’t dare hope was open, so I was content with the beauty and no culture (aside from what we bring with us ;)). Then, the ranger who came around to register us last night said not only was the museum open today – Sunday was bluegrass music day. That settled it, we stayed another night.

A guidebook said the Lenoir Museum was like “a little Smithsonian”. They were a little off their rocker. But it’s a wonderful little museum, if you have the time to explore – a glimpse into life in the Appalachia, from the early days, with a grist mill and threshing barn, through the time that the TVA built Norris Dam and all the changes that resulted. The nearby dam is impressive and there are wonderful walks along the water, and other rivers and streams. More hiking trails than we could begin to cover.

The bluegrass music was like being on somebody’s porch, with friends coming by to make some music. No show-biz – they weren’t singing to an audience. Half the time they were talking amongst themselves, tending to a child, taking their time and just enjoying themselves. Like being at the Hansons.

Sat around our fire again tonight, alone on our side of this little mountain, watching amazing cloud formations move across the almost full moon. And we wonder where we’ll be when the moon is full…

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