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3371644934_90698a557f_m-11It’s in an idyllic setting. A Georgia village set in 1850. And it looks like a real, working village, every street beckons you to explore, there are homes of many types, gardens, merchants, public buildings, livestock. I can feel time warp as we walk in.

But the living history aspect is gone. The funds are no longer there. They’ve just done a total transformation here. There used to be a woodworker, basketweaver, candle-maker, blacksmith, a working log-cabin kitchen turning out gingerbread and pies and biscuits, people running the cotton gin, the cotton press, the list goes on. Now there are three costumed guides (who, on our tour, used to be the cabin cook, the woodworker and the candle-maker) taking us on 3 back to back tours, which cover different parts and aspects of the village. They did a fine job as tour guides. They obviously love and care about this village.

But they miss using their skills, they miss when the village was “alive” with occupants, all going about their business in 1850.

So, we did too. And we hope that the economy (and good decisions by the Museum) will bring that “life” back to this village and the people that work there, soon.



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