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3380052291_af389de405_mWe’re staying in FD Roosevelt State Park, at this campsite. Perfect for visiting FDR’s Georgia “White House” in Warm Springs.

This is where FDR was sitting, having his portrait painted, when he had his fatal stroke and died here in 1945. The unfinished portrait is haunting. So is his legacy.

What struck me most about this iconic figure was his lesser-known side, as polio victim and crusader for all those suffering this debilitating disease. He was so careful of his public image in his time, we don’t usually see beyond the vigorous and forceful persona. At Warm Springs, this other side comes out to play.

Here, he swam in the springs, first in hopes of a cure for himself. Didn’t happen, although he felt restored. Soon after, he bought the springs and established a foundation dedicated to rehabilitation and cure. My favorite photos/family movies are of him grinning, while swimming and frolicking with children, afflicted with polio, but buoyant in the water and having the time of their lives, trying to dunk the President.
At his “Little White House” when you stand in his tiny bedroom, adjacent to his bathroom, with tub, etc. equipped so that he could probably use it, unaided, you get a sense of what will and determination it must have taken to do just the daily tasks we all, or at least those lucky of us, take for granted. Let alone lead a nation.

Politics aside, I admired what he did here.


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