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But, it’s all fun!  We pull into Roswell and eat our Lenten fish sandwiches at a McDonald’s that’s shaped like a UFO. It’s getting dark so we head to Bottomless Lake State Park while we can see to find our campsite.  The sun’s just setting and it’s lovely and peaceful here.

We’re off the next morning to the International UFO Museum and Research Center.  I was surprised at how ordinary a town Roswell seems to be, aside from the alien-themed gift shops, light posts and McDonald’s, and how ordinary the people who populate the museum are.  I’ve got to admit, I thought I’d be surrounded by at least a few crazies.  Most people seem like us (haha, how did that eliminate the crazies), visiting the area, curious and having a good time. We try to spend as much time as possible in the museum, reading all the material and affadavits we can, and maybe eke out an hour and a half.  It’s all about a 1947 alleged UFO crash on a nearby ranch, and the subsequent government cover-up.  The museum also covers crop circles, Area 51, and personal abductions.

We do a little grocery shopping, and find a church for Saturday night Mass. Dick and I always stand out like sore thumbs in the churches along this trip, we’re not black or hispanic.  But we’re always made to feel welcome. And we feel like we’re part of a universal church, with such rich differences. We make the trip back to Bottomless Lake State Park right before dark again.

View from Campsite at Bottomless Lake State Park

Bottomless Lake State Park

Back to Bottomless Lake State Park

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