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No surprise that I ran out of writing steam again at the end of the  last trip.  If there’s anyone besides Dick and I reading this, you know I always stop writing (can’t get caught up) and leave us hanging somewhere,  hundreds of miles away from home.

So, quick shots of the ending of the  Spring 2012 trip.


Roscoe Village, Coshocton, OH

A really beautiful, well-preserved canal town.  We were here during an arts/crafts festival, so not a typical day, much busier – but we loved it.  You can walk here from the nearby campgrounds, if you’re RV people, and it’s a beautiful walk.  There are houses and museums to visit, restaurants and shops.  The highlight of the day for me was listening to a Civil War Singer – he was a storyteller as well, and wove fascinating history  into each song.

The next day, we visit James Thurber’s home (Columbus, OH)  in memory of my Dad and his love of the New Yorker and their writers.  E.B. White above all, but Thurber too.  Thurber lived here with his parents, while he went to Ohio State University. The photos are of the typewriter that he used while he was at the New Yorker and the exterior of the home.  Now, on to our current trip – nowhere near here!




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