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George W. Bush Childhood Home

The Bush home is an ordinary little house in an ordinary small-town neighborhood in Midland, TX, so it’s remarkable that it was home to two future Presidents, two Governors and a First Lady.  We’re given a private tour , since there’s no one else here at the moment, a school bus having, thankfully, pulled out a few minutes before. It’s like walking into the 50’s and our own childhoods. So many familiar things, especially in young George’s bedroom – Dick kept exclaiming, “I had this!  I had one of those!”    The Bush family had their share of happiness and sorrow in this house, the birth of Jeb, followed by the death of little Robin from leukemia, and then the birth of their fourth child, Neil.  I have such renewed respect and admiration for Barbara Bush.  Her life can’t have been easy but she seemed to persevere with so much courage, grace and humor.

Barbara Bush's Kitchen in Midland



George Bush Boyhood Bedroom

We spend the night in Monahans Sandhills State Park, surrounded by an unusual and rather surreal landscape. See our silhouette, below.

Campsite at Monahans Sandhills State Park

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