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Lost Sea


We felt that Lost Sea was kind of a lost opportunity. It might have been a more interesting experience if our tour guide had talked more about things related to the cave and the underground lake on our descent, instead of chit-chatting about totally unrelated matters (drinking, cruises, etc.) with members of our group.  At one point, I heard a little boy’s voice in back of us say, “When is he going to tell us something about this?”

This is a beautiful picture of the lake that I didn’t take, so I thank the person who posted it on the internet. We never saw colors or lighting like this on our 5 minute or so boat ride.  They do feed dog food to some large, white (because they’re raised in the dark) rainbow trout that they stock the lake with, and that was interesting to watch.  Lost Sea might be worth a stop if you haven’t seen many caves or an underground lake, but for us it really wasn’t.  We were somewhat mollified afterwards though, by a great little lunch at Bradley’s Pit Barbecue nearby.



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