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Lincoln State Monument

The national press once dubbed Lincoln, “the most dangerous town in America”.   It definitely feels like stepping  into a time capsule, this dusty, Old West Village,  more a street, really, where the Lincoln County Wars (1878-81) waged over two dry-goods stores. Yep, a war over two stores in the same town.   The establishment store didn’t take kindly to a new-comer who tried to set up shop across the street.  People took sides and the bullets flew.  Today, it’s an open-air museum, and we walk up and down the main street, where the historic buildings house exhibits.  Even Billy the Kid got involved, throwing his lot in with the newcomer,  and we tour the jail where he was imprisoned and escaped, killing two guards.  He’s going to wind up being hunted down and killed for this.

Town Jail, that housed for awhile, Billy the Kid

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