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Replica of Loretta Lynn's Butcher Holler Childhood Home, Hurricane Mills, TN

Replica of Loretta Lynn’s Butcher Holler Childhood Home, Hurricane Mills, TN

She was born a coal miner’s daughter and became a country music legend.  We watched the Cissy Spacek, Tommy Lee Jones movie version of her rags to riches story before we left on this trip, (March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, a month later than we expected) and it was the perfect set-up.  Parts of it were filmed in the antebellum plantation they bought here (and Crisco commercials!)  in the tiny, now museum-town of Hurricane Mills, which she bought along with the house (she  owns it all, including the post office).  The ranch has over 6000 acres.

Loretta Lynn's Plantation Home, Hurricane Mills, TN

Loretta Lynn’s Plantation Home, Hurricane Mills, TN


We were beginning our guided tour (Butcher Holler home, Coal Mine and Plantation Home) standing on the porch of the old gristmill, across the street from her childhood home, when a car and a couple pick-up trucks drove by a feet away from us.  We saw Loretta.  We knew she still did concerts and events here, but didn’t realize she lives here, in a smaller house, right behind the Plantation Home.  Her recording studio was right up the hill, a few yards away, opposite one of the museums and she was heading there for a session.  We learn that the Ranch is a very family-run operation, so there are Lynns to bump into everywhere.  We hear that Loretta and Doo, her husband, and their kids used to come to the campground where we’re staying in the hills on the property and chat, and thank fans for coming.

Memo to selves:  The Plantation home is supposed to be haunted, and Loretta did a special with one of the Ghostbuster/Haunted shows, so we’re going to have to find that and watch!

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