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Campsite 61, Hilton Head Marina and RV Park

Campsite 61, Hilton Head Marina and RV Park

We arrive here early to pick a site, they can’t be reserved. We get to cruise the campground in a golf cart – we’re not golfers, so this is a a fun first.  Although not exactly like the first time at a go-cart, it’s a cool way to pick out a site.  We settle on site #61, on the water, overlooking the marina.

I would probably call this a destination campground.  Two swimming pools, a gourmet restaurant and large, beautifully landscaped sites.  We decide to hang out for a few days – swim, relax, and enjoy our first taste of warm weather while Dick can get some needed work done.


Swimming pool next to restaurant

Swimming pool next to restaurant

Our first dinner at the on-site restaurant (we have to allow a two or three minute walk in order to be on time for our reservation) is fabulous. We have a delicious appetizer of barbecued grilled shrimp on fried green tomatoes, after which Dick devours a whole neatly-scored flounder, a beautiful plate of shrimp and grits for me, to name the highlights.  We have a sunset table in the corner, a perfect first night.


We spend five nights here.  Dick gets a lot of black fly bites, and needs to stay indoors.  I wind up getting sunburned after days of being at the pool with the same amount of block and not a tinge of pink – but we eat well and are warm. We have a couple great meals at nearby Hudson’s restaurant during our stay.  Their shrimp boats are docked on the pier by the outside deck eating area – we eat out there once, and twice in the dining room, and go big on shrimp, sautéed and fried.  The she-crab soup is also great.

We do leave our enclave to visit a couple of beaches, but we’re not really big sand beach walkers/sitters, being partial to Maine, and parts of Hilton Head are inaccessible to RV’s, even our small 24 foot Navion.  Just as well, we enjoyed our relaxing stay.

Dick's favorite tree, right outside his office window

Dick’s favorite tree, right outside his office window


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