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Ephrata Cloister


It’s Sunday,  and we’re here at  Ephrata Cloister, to learn about this 18th century religious community – while, religiously, coming back to the Navion to catch the score/watch the Packer game. We missed Mass today, so our worship has obviously taken a different form.

I listen to what life was like for the people who joined this community – and like everyone else on the guided tour- think, no way.  The celibacy, the sleeping on a board with a wood block for a pillow, little sleep, working for hours on end with little or no food. Vegetarian at that.  We’re not recruited.  But our tour guide did a fantastic job of putting us in a different mind-set. Where were the people in this community coming from, what was going on in the countries they left behind?  War, famine, homelessness, starvation, faith under attack. This place begins to look good.  Food, shelter, clothing, community.  PLUS, singing musical compositions or calligraphic writing, depending on your ability – as a discipline for mind and body.  That’s education.


Sister's House and Saal (Meeting-house) Ephrata Cloister


After the leader, Conrad Beissel died, it sounds like the beds were pretty much “re-made” overnight.  And the community fell into gradual decline.

Oh, and the other ending.  Packers lost.


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