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Alligators in the Paragon Casino Atrium

Is it starting to look like we may need a visit to Gambler’s Anonymous?  Ha – no worries.  We don’t play enough to get comped for a cup of coffee, but we’re finding that casino RV parks are a great alternative to mediocre private ones in areas where there isn’t something more scenic around.  They’re amazingly inexpensive (around $9/night with Passport America here), we’ve got access to a variety of restaurants (the best crawfish po-boys yet – and snowcrab and shrimp buffet), there’s four movie theatres,  alligators to watch in the atrium, and a great swimming pool.

Alligators at Paragon Casino

So we spend a couple days here, reading and swimming at the pool, attending Mass at a small all- black Catholic church, the music is a treat, and getting organized for the next leg of the trip.  Because it’s been hotter than we anticipated, we weren’t sure if we were going to head any further south – but it looks like there’s going to be a brief break, and we really want to see Cajun country near Lafayette, so that’ll be next!

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