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Burritt Mansion

Burritt Mansion

Descending from Monte Sano State Park, we stop at Burritt on the Mountain, where we tour the mansion of Dr. Burritt, an inventive and unusual doctor of homeopathic medicine, who married a patient, 20 years his senior. She reportedly told him that if he married her, he’d never have to work again.  Ask for the audio guide at the entrance to the mansion, they’re not always offered, but they’re free and add a lot of history to the self-guided tour. There’s also a small folk park, with homes and buildings depicting farm life in rural Alabama in the 19th century.  It was simultaneously being used as children’s nursery rhyme adventure when we were there, which was a bit jarring in terms of time travel – and noise and activity level. But some, like this drowsy pig, seemed not to mind. I’m referring to the picture.IMG_1728

Our destination for the night is Lake Guntersville State Park.  We hadn’t realized it when we’d made reservations, but they were hit by a devastating tornado in 2011.  The whole campground was pretty much ripped apart. It’s really sad, but a miracle that no one was killed. We’re grateful to have a campsite, no matter what, and even more grateful when we hear we can get a ride up to the lodge and restaurant for dinner!


The maintenance man, our driver, takes us on a tour of the hotel/cabin facilities after dinner.  Amazingly, we still have energy for our first and only fire on this trip when we get back.  No hot dogs or s’mores yet on this trip yet – another first.  Brrrrrrrr.

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