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Albuquerque Museum of Natural History

It’s raining when we wake up our first morning in Albuquerque, so we head down into the old section of town and tour the only museum that’s open on Monday, the wonderful Museum of Natural History.  It wasn’t on our lists of things to do and see here, but it kept us busy and interested for the better part of the day, with a lovely lunch in their cafe.

We fall asleep to the lulling sound of rain on the roof.  Sometime during the night, it stops. When we wake up in the morning, in silence, it’s all white outside.  We’re blanketed with snow.  We cozy in (after another great continental breakfast) and watch the snow build to four inches on our side view mirror.

April 3, 2012, Albuquerque, New Mexico

This will not prevent us from, later in the afternoon, when the snow is beginning to melt away, heading to a restaurant Dick has found, the  Monte Carlo Steakhouse.  I read the review/description before we head there and they’re proud of their meat and potato reputation, i.e. no vegetables. And lo, and behold – when we’re seated in a cozy booth, there’s a plaque behind us, with a joke about people who’ve asked for vegetables here.  And, Dick,  oblivious to it all, asks, in the middle of his order, if they have any vegetables he can substitute or order on the side. There’s no picture for that, although I wish there was. ; )

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