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Fort Concho, San Angelo

We visit Fort Concho, built to protect settlers from Indian raids, but where evidently not much happened.  It’s well-preserved, and hosts an art exhibit while we’re there.

We search out the San Angelo Visitor’s Center , where we learn that the six-mile Concho River Walk, which we’d planned on walking, is under major re-construction. This becomes really obvious when we look out the beautiful windows that overlook it. The river’s been drained and there’s no river walk available.

We’re trying to decide between two places to spend the night – a private campground on a lake and a State Park. Everyone advises us against the State Park – the lake there has dried up.  We visit the private campground and high-tail it out of there to whatever the State Park holds.  And it holds us for four days.  We love it.

We’re so alone, with a buffalo herd, prairie dog colony,  original Longhorn cattle decendants (well, they got moved to acreage next door recently because of the draught)  and yes, rattlesnakes, etc. but they’re not in their area.  I wake up to the most incredible birdsong each morning, and every day is kind of lazy.  Dick has to cover the office back home this week, so he catches up on work.  I’m a bum, and read and sit out in the sun and take in the beautiful surroundings.

But the illusion that we’re rangers, in touch with our land, (Emily suggested harmonicas around our campfire – where we actually do cook one meal) kind of falls away when we head on into town, an incredible few minutes away, and eat at great restaurants. The  best was The Cork and Pig.  The absolute best steak we had in all of Texax, plus beignets that would give New Orleans a run for the money.

Civilization and food aside, each day, and night is beautiful here.

Sunset at San Angelo State Park

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