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Lola's Mexican Cafe

Lyrics from “Damn Yankees” start wafting through my head as we drive up to Lola’s – whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.   And we’re expecting, from reviews I’ve read and people we’ve talked to at Abilene State Park that that’s definitely going to be the case.  There are rules at Lola’s.  Men serve women. They have to wipe up tables if they’re sticky, get (find, if you’re not local) the ice-tea or water, and wander out into the kitchen to face Lola and place their order.  Dick follows the rules and orders the daily chicken enchilada special for two.  Lola says, No.  Dick says, isn’t that the daily special and Lola says, I’m out of it. Dick asks if we can have a cheese enchilada and she says, okay. She gives him chips and salsa to bring back to the table. It’s not a place for the timid or anybody without a sense of humor .  We had fun.  The Navaho fry-bread was delicious and we dripped honey all over our enchiladas.

We’ve never visited a zoo on our RV travels, but we’re staying an extra day to eat, fool around and go to Saturday night Mass -so we check it out.  It was a great experience, other than my witnessing the feeding of an alligator, which for some reason I thought would be sanitized for the impressionable mind, but wound up with a really prolonged, grisly eating of a white rabbit.  The rest of the zoo was really enjoyable.

Abilene Zoo Giraffes

And Mass was another wonderful experience.  We were such obvious outsiders in the church, but both of us got a hug from the priest on the way out that we’ll not soon forget.

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