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We went 27 days on our first trip without being away from the umbilical cord – State Parks were great,  along with a couple KOAs when we needed to be close to attractions in Nashville, etc.  We’ve been out 2 weeks on this second trip – same thing.

We are now parked in the rear parking lot of an obliging Cracker Barrel in Fishkill, NY.  It’s Memorial Day weekend and every campground is filled so this was a good stop in order to make it to the Maine house tomorrow.

What’s the experience like?  First off, given that there are not many parking spaces that work, finding level ground took a bit of time.  I have to admit I’m getting a little tired of the fussy refrigerator, and her neediness – but we get as level as we can, without the crutch of blocking.

But, once that level obligation has been met – there’s less to do than in a campsite.  No electrical hooking up (testing first) power.  No checking if there’s enough room for the slide. We don’t need to buy/gather firewood. 

So, we just sit back and watch an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and try and let our appetites catch up from a late lunch, so we can go in and eat/pay our dues.  Dick is tired after the episode, so he climbs into the top bunk for a nap.  In the meantime some huge Gibson RV/bus?! can’t figure out what it is – besides obnoxious – pulls in.  And proceeds to blare some really bad music throughout the lot.  It periodically makes sounds like an airline taking off as well.  Dick is sleeping though this.

I just heard a gull fly overhead, reminding me that this is temporary.  And it’s free, and very much appreciated.  Thank you Cracker Barrel for rescuing us on Memorial Day weekend.

And thank you Veterans – we are forever in your debt.

Happy postscript:  The giant just pulled out… Next?

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